The paths in uTrigger lets you use 3 different types of path Linear, Bezier and cubic splines

Red : Shows the path of the asset at runtime.
Blue : Shows the links between all the nodes.
White (node): Is the starting node.

Linear interpolation between two known points


Bezier curve


Cubic Hermite Spline


The path system use 3 different scripts.
  • Trigger_PathNode
  • Trigger_PathList
  • Trigger_PathRunner

  • Each node in the path is made up from the Trigger_PathNode GameObjects and they are all added to the Trigger_PathList GameObject with in the Path list array. This Path list array controls the order the nodes are linked.
    If you have any Trigger_PathNode or Trigger_PathList selected it will show you the full path.(As shown above)

    The PathList is also the place where you set the Curve type you wish to use.(Linear,Bezier or Cubic)

    PathRunner Is the object that will follow the path, Just set the PathList GameObject to the Path List Object in the inspector
    PathRunner Inspector
    You will also have to set the loop type here from
  • OnceOnly
  • Loop
  • PingPong

  • And the speed of the opject on the path.

    Trigger_PathCamera is the same as PathRunner but for a camera

    See each trigger for more info.
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