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Android Games

Miner Man

All xbox 360 games can be downloaded from Microsoft Martetplace online

Miner Man Gem Chaser II Avatar Driving Cool Shapes Gem Chaser

  • Gem Chaser II
  • Gem Chaser
  • Miner Man
  • Avatar Driving
  • Cool Shapes

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    Two of our games have been converted for the ZX81 by Bob Smith.

  • Miner Man
  • Noir Shapes

  • And Two for the ZX Spectrum also by Bob Smith.

  • Gem Chaser
  • Gem Chaser II

  • The People :

    For the game design, programming and 3D models Karl Gillott.
    Art and Animations Debbie Gillott.

    The Music for Miner Man and Avatar Driving was from www.danosongs.com
    Dan O'Connor has a lot of great tracks on his site.

    The Music for Cool Shapes and Gem Chaser was by Wayne Gillott.
    And you can download the music from Electric Wolf Music

    For other ZX81 and ZX Spectrum games visit Bob's Stuff