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uTrigger is a trigger system for Unity3D. (Unity Trigger)

Is Avaiable on the Unity Asset Store

Please Note : I've working on an update to use the new 2D system in Unity3d 4.3.

uTriggers is a full trigger system that lets you set-up links between different GameObjects. With a default set of message you can send to them - Like Deactivate to stop a GameObject from updating.
This lets the designers set-up game logic and game play without the need of a coder. uTriggers system lets you see all of your links in the Unity scene editor so just by selecting your GameObject or a group of GameObjects you will see how they are all linked together. See the examples and demo game here

Any GameObject in your scene that needs to send or receive messages just derive your C# script from my 'Trigger_Base' This will give you some default options in the inspector.

Base trigger inspector

My State is the current state of this object - can be ACTIVE,DEACTIVATED and others
Talk On is when to send the messages - like ACTIVATION, DEATH, PLAYER_IN and others
Game Object List is the list of object we will send messages to.
Send Message is the message to send - ACTIVATE, DEACTIVATE, KILL and others

Any selected GameObject using Trigger_Base will display all the items it's linked too.

Selected shows links

The reference section on this site gives you all the info about each trigger and their usages set-up and where to find the examples of it being used.

Each trigger has some basic validation checks to make sure they are set-up corrently. Show Real Errors
All the error code are listed on our Error List page.

All info / warning and error messages can be turned off - just comment out the code in Trigger_base

Selected shows links

All the error code are listed on our Error List page.

Quick Code Notes

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Triggers list

Trigger_Base Trigger_Collider Trigger_Timer Trigger_Counter Trigger_Sound Trigger_Animator Trigger_Camera Trigger_PositionMarker Trigger_PathList Trigger_PathNode Trigger_PathRunner Trigger_PathCamera


My State Talk On Send Message


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