Send messages when an object enters or leaves an area defined by the collider.

Usages :

Pressure pad, Trigger zones

Setting :

Base trigger inspector

Basic node info can be found on the trigger_base
Object needs to have an Collider component and set to “Is Triggers” ticked on the collider.

TalkOn Options :

Player In : When the player enters the collider. (anything with a “Player” tag)
Player Out : When the player leaves the collider. (anything with a ‘Player” tag)
Enemy In : When any alien enters the collider. (anything with a “Enemy” tag)
Enemy Out : When any alien leaves the collider.(anything with a “Enemy” tag)

Tips :

  • You can set a Trigger_Collider to send a DEACTIVATE message to it's self when the player leaves. Works well for pressure pads that change colour when the play steps on and off them.
  • Errors :

  • TER0001 : Send Message not set.
  • TER0002 : No valid Talk on Trigger set.
  • TER0010 : Missing Collider : You don’t have a collider assigned to this object.
  • TER0011 : Collider not set to “is triggers”
  • Examples :

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    Triggers list

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