Trigger_Base is the base class for all the trigger system.

Usages :

All Game Objects that need to send messages or recieve them.

Setting :

Base trigger inspector

My State is the currect state of this object. See list
Talk On is when to send the messages. See list
Game Object List is the list of object we will send messages to. Add all Game Objects need to be based off the Trigger_Base to recieve and process the message.
Message To Send is the message to send. See List
Once Only Only send this message once.

Errors :

  • TER0001 : Send Message not set.
  • Examples :

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    Triggers list

    Trigger_Collider Trigger_Timer Trigger_Counter Trigger_Sound Trigger_Animator Trigger_Camera Trigger_PositionMarker Trigger_PathList Trigger_PathNode Trigger_PathRunner Trigger_PathCamera


    My State Talk On Send Message