Any GameObject that follows a path.

Usages :

Any object that needs to move.

Setting :

Path Runner Inspector options

Basic node info can be found on the trigger_base
Path List Object is the GameObject that has the PathList script
Loop Type is the loot type to use OnceOnly, Loop, PingPong
Speed is the speed of the object on the path.

TalkOn Options :

Check the TalkOn option on the PathNode triggers

Tips :

  • In code you can use m_fMultiplier to change the speed of the object - without changing the 'Speed' setting. EG. m_fMultiplier set to 0.5 will give you half the speed you have set in 'Speed' an example of this can be seen in the Trigger_PathCamera code.
  • Errors :

  • TER0100 : PathRunner without Rigid body Component
  • TER0101 : PathRunner without valid PathList.
  • TER0102 : PathRunner without a valid Loop type. Defaulting to PingPong
  • TER0103 : PathRunner Rigid Body has Gravity set.
  • Examples :

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    Triggers list

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