Welcome to the development area of Electric Wolf.

Here I hope to release some of the assets I’ve used in our games.
And also new assets I've created for games I'll not be finishing.

uTrigger Logo Skyboxes Skyboxes
Skyboxes Skyboxes Skyboxes

Currently we have released assets in the Unity Asset store and also Turbo Squid site.

For Unity3D I've released three packs of Skyboxes.
  • Variety Pack (10)
  • Skies Only Pack (10)
  • Nebula Pack (5)

  • And a Trigger system for unity3d that lets you set-up links between different GameObjects. uTrigger...

    Book Effect for unity3d that lets add a book opening and with turning pages in to any game

    Free Red Wall Kit -> That lets you create wall and forts from a selection of pre-made prefabs

    For anyone not using unity I've uploaded a selection of skyboxes to TurboSquid that are in DDS format. for more info see Here

    Other items on the Turbo Squid site are the Quad, Side by side and the brick wall set all used in Avatar driving game.
    You can see all my Turbo Squid items on the Turbo Squid site.

    And now I've selling some old Art for my wild west game that I never finished

    Skyboxes Skyboxes Skyboxes

    The Pack for sale contains 50 frames of an animated train, with 25 frames tender and 25 frames Coach. See Here for more infomation.