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Miner Man full game and demo is now out for the Xbox 360.

For just 80 Microsoft Points. You will be able to download it from Microsoft Martetplace online

Play through 60 levels of puzzles, mazes and traps. Each level will present the player with different amount of gems to collect. To collect the gems the player will have to work through the levels avoiding the traps and solving the puzzles. Also finding and rescuing the 10 lost miners. When rescued you can play as the lost miners.

Mikes Story

Miner Man Mike has always been a miner. His father was a Miner and his father's father before him was a Miner. Now Mike has his greatest challenge ahead of him. The Lost Mines Of The North have been found and Mike has been asked to Mine all the Gems. It's been rumoured that the Mines were lost because whoever steps foot into the Mines has never been seen again.

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Moving Rocks         Gems To Collect

miner man rocks miner man gems

Level Sections         Mine Carts

miner man selection miner man carts

Lost Miners            Donkeys

miner man lost miners miner man donkey

Gold Miner

Please find me, I was looking for gold as I was looking deeper and deeper in to the caves, my candle went out. Now I'm Lost.


I'm the local sheriff, I was out looking for outlaws, so I hid in the local caves to wait for them. When they arrived I was out numbered 10 to 1 so I ran deeper into the cave. I don't know how to get out can you find me?


Hello, I've been mining for years, but I've never seen mines like this before. As I was working deeper in the mines, the rocks moved behind me so now I'm trapped in here. It's a dangerous place down here you will have to be careful!

Rescue Miner

Help! I'm apart of the miner rescue team looking for the other Miners. I can't find them and I'm now lost. Can you get me out of here? My family must be worried about me.

Old Miner

It's dark down here, I'm sure this is the way out, looks familiar - yeah I've been here before, I know I have... I have been here lots of times, I keep going around in circles, I'm sure the rocks have moved. I can't move the rocks from this side, I need help! please send help...


ugg, ugg ogg gra gra ogg nog tog rog mog blog, plog hog!


I'm Ant the ant, but I don't belong down here can you please take me home. Take care it's not safe here!!!


Get me out of here dude, I was playing near the caves. I went into see what I could find, well now I'm lost, get me out of here dude!




...beep.. belp...beep...boop...beep.. beep..
( Hello human, I came here to see what your planet was like - Do you know your people are killing the planet? - It needs space to breath, give it move green land - Let it live again - But now I'm stuck - Can you help me get out? - Thank you friend )