Captive Wild Woman 1943

An insane scientist doing experimentation in glandular research becomes obsessed with transforming a female gorilla into a human even though it costs human life.

The Cast

John Carradine-Dr. Sigmund Walters
Evelyn Ankers-Beth Colman
Milburn Stone-Fred Mason
Lloyd Corrigan-John Whipple
Fay Helm-Nurse Strand
Martha Vickers-Dorothy Colman
Vince Barnett-Curley
Paul Fix-Gruen

The Director: Edward Dmytryk
The Writers: Ted Fithian, Neil P. Varnick, Griffin Jay, Henry Sucher

Certificate : X

Film Trivia

The fight between a lion and a tiger in a circus was arranged but was real, and filmed live without editing.
Milburn Stone, generally used by Universal as a supporting player, played the lead because his wiry frame and naturally curly hair matched the archival shots of Beatty.
This was John Carradine's first leading role on screen, filmed from December 10-31, 1942. Release took place July 2, 1943.
Relies extensively on the use of archive footage from The Big Cage (1933).
Acquanetta never speaks during her time on screen.
Clyde Beatty receives special thanks for "His cooperation in staging the thrilling animal sequences in this film"
Part of the Son of Shock package of 20 titles released to television in 1958, which followed the original Shock Theater release of 52 features one year earlier.