Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere 1951

Space hero Captain Video battles the evil Vultura on the planet Atoma.

The Cast

Judd Holdren-Captain Video
Larry Stewart-Ranger
George Eldredge-Dr. Tobor
Gene Roth-Vultura
Don C. Harvey-Gallagher
William Fawcett-Alpha [Chs. 1-3, 7, 15]
Jack Ingram-Henchman Aker [Chs. 1, 7, 10-14]
I. Stanford Jolley-Zarol [Chs. 8-9]

The Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
The Writers: Royal K. Cole, Sherman L. Lowe, Joseph F. Poland, George H. Plympton

Certificate : U

Film Trivia

The theatrical posters featured artwork by Hollywood poster artist and commercial illustrator Glenn Cravath.
In the first chapter, one of the shots establishing the headquarters of Captain Video, is stock footage of the Alabama Hills, California.
The robot suits worn by actors were originally designed for and used in Mascot's Gene Autry serial The Phantom Empire (1935).
To cut costs, the same cave and doorway set used for Dr. Tobor's laboratory on the planet Theros, was slightly re-dressed to become the entrance to the doctor's underground freezing chamber beneath his laboratory on Earth.
Chapter Titles: 1. Journey into Space 2. Menace to Atoma 3. Captain Video's Peril 4. Entombed in Ice 5. Flames of Atoma 6. Astray in the Atmosphere 7. Blasted by the Atomic Eye 8. Invisible Menace 9. Video Springs a Trap 10. Menace of the Mystery Metal 11. Weapons of Destruction 12. Robot Rocket 13. Mystery of Station X 14. Vengeance of Vultara 15. Video vs. Vultara
The entire cast of the film is male. Not one female character can be found.
New gadgets introduced during episodes of this serial include, in no particular order: an isotopic radiation curtain, a space platform, an atomic eye, a cloak of invisibility, an infracs projector, scanning goggles, an apex cannon, a diathermic impulsor, an electronic timelock, an optical scelometer, a sonic air cushion, a diathermic accelerator, a muray camera, a rombic materializer, an anadetonator, an electronic gun, a robot car, a super geiger counter, a sonic barrier, a jet mobile, mechanical men,a static beam,cosmic vision, paralysis gas, the Whitney eye, a scanning screen, a magnetic impulse detector, an infra x beam, a static beam, a flying disc, an astro viewer, a psychomatic weapon, a scanoscope and an electronic disintegrator.