Now it's our turn, We have just started to buildĀ our first layout.
We are Building Cattington, and we are updatd details here every week or so.

05: Stuck done some track and updated the Church


We have started to glue the track down, currently I don't have enought cork to finish the work.

But at least we have been able to make a start.

And we have added the scenery around our church


Great Central Reunification Book
Great Central Site
Watch the bridge over the main line.

04: Change of layout and town update!


We have moved things around now,

So the station has moved, this will now be next to Cattington Town.

This lets us move the engine depot around and have a large shunting yard.

We have also placed the village inn and a church.

03: Updating the Town


We have started to work on the town

02: Name and update


We have named our layout - watch to find out...

And some other update around the boards before we can do anything else.

01: Started our fixed layout


We have our base boards and we have just finished building them in our spare bedroom.

The boards are from White Rose Model Works, Very good quality and price.

We got locos for christmas


We got an 9F, Smokey Joe and GWR pannier tank for Christmas and Birthday

And after a few days running the trains in the living room, we moved to the toy room.

Our baseboards are on order so this could be last time we run the carpet!

Home Running, in the new house


Hello, This is the first full running day after we moved house.

Photos taken other 2 days, 05 and 06 November 2020

At one point we get 3 lines running, that lets use run 4 trains, thanks to DCC. Enjoy

Everything has changed


We have moved house and are looking at building a fixed layout in the spear room, Expect more soon.

I see grass! (Shelf display)


Final added some grass, shrubs and fences to my Shelf display

Home running


Testing our trains out on the floor, lets us play with some ideas for the layout. Managed to gets some of my Dads rolling stock running as well.

You can see I ran out of straight and had to use curve track for the sidings :)