Now it's our turn, We have just started to buildĀ our first layout.
We are Building Cattington, and we are updatd details here every week or so.

15: Back in the 1970s


Welcome back to Cattington, We have a selection of rolling stock from the 1970s

Stock I would have played with when I was very young.

14: New Rolling Stock and Chickens


Welcome back to Cattington, We have been shopping and picked up some new rolling stock and other things.

All from a second hand shop

Micks Toys

Windsor St, Melton Mowbray LE13 1BU

13: Hill and Projects


Welcome back to Cattington, We have both been ill this week, so we haven't been able to do much as we would have liked.

But we do have some progress on the hill.

12: Factory and Hill


Welcome back to Cattington, We have added more details to the town.

We finally started to make the hill and tunnel look like a hill and tunnel!

And added the framework for the factory.

And if you would like to smile, Watch some of Tommy the Tank jokes on Paul's Channel

11: It's Market Day at Cattington


Welcome back to Cattington, More people have arrived!

So we have created a small market at the vicar's house

10: New Loco!


Welcome back to Cattington, We have a new locomotive - Streamlined LMS Coronation Class - King George VI

We've built a farm/vicars house just over the railway line with, a bridge to access it.

And updated all the sidings

09: Town and Bridge


Welcome to cattington town, we have been updating the town with extra details, a village sign post, seating for the pub.

And also after a bit of re-design we are now going to have a second station along the main line.

We are going to call this new station Long Wishkers

08: Station and new people


We have completed the station platforms, and we have weathered the track

And we have also been painting some people to use in the town.

07: Ballast!


We have spent a lot of time Ballasting the track on one side of the layout, and a little bit more wiring.

06: Church, School and hills


The Church and School are in place, with the surrounding areas detailed.

More work on the large hill in the corner.

And we have made the main railway station just need to add some platforms to it.

Wok around the swing section is going ok, and the first trains are now running across it again.