Space Raiders 1983

A futuristic, sensitive tale of adventure and confrontation when a 10 year old boy is accidentally kidnapped by a spaceship filled with a motley crew of space pirates.

The Cast

Vince Edwards-Hawk
David Mendenhall-Peter
Patsy Pease-Amanda
Thom Christopher-Flightplan
Luca Bercovici-Ace
Drew Snyder-Aldebarian
Ray Stewart-Zariatin
George Dickerson-Tracton

The Director: Howard R. Cohen
The Writers: Howard R. Cohen
Music by: James Horner
Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

The film is speculated to be an influence behind Joss Whedon's Firefly (2002) and Serenity (2005).
The musical score is reused from Battle Beyond the Stars (1980).
A majority of the sets in this movie had been used in previous films made by New World Pictures.
David Mendenhall was eleven years old when he made his theatrical film debut as Peter in this movie.
The music score was made up of re-edited cues from James Horner's scores for "Battle Beyond the Stars" and "Humanoids from the Deep." The construction was done by film editor R.J. Kizer.