Monster From The Ocean Floor 1954

In this low budget monster movie, Julie is an American on holiday in Mexico. There she spots a giant, one-eyed amoeba rising from the ocean. When she tries to tell the authorities, no one believes her. Eventually she teams up with a marine biologist in an attempt to destroy it.

The Cast

Anne Kimbell-Julie Blair
Stuart Wade-Steve Dunning
Dick Pinner-Dr. Baldwin
Wyott Ordung-Pablo
Inez Palange-Tula
Jonathan Haze-Joe
David Garcia-Jose
Roger Corman-Tommy

The Director: Wyott Ordung
The Writers: Bill Danch
Music by: Andre Brummer

Film Trivia

Producer Roger Corman got the idea for the movie while reading a Los Angeles Times article about a one-man submarine manufactured by Aerojet General. He phoned them and asked them if he could use it in a film, telling them that he couldn't pay them but they'd get free publicity. According to Corman they were delighted.
Besides serving as producer, Roger Corman also drove the camera and equipment truck.
Film debut of Jonathan Haze; he was working at a gas station at the time he did this movie and had to grow a mustache for his role as Joe.
The original title was to be "It Stalked the Ocean Floor," but the distributors objected on the grounds it was "too cerebral."
The first film produced by Roger Corman.
Principal photography took six days, with two additional days for the underwater scenes.
Stuart Wade came up with the idea to sing a song in the movie.