Missile To The Moon 1958

Escaped convicts Gary and Lon are caught hiding in a rocket by scientist Dirk Green, who forces them to pilot the ship to the moon. Dirk, who's secretly a moon being, wants to return to his home satellite. Dirk's partner Steve Dayton and his fiancé June stowaway on the ship by accident. Will they all make it back safely?

The Director: Richard E. Cunha
The Writers: H.E. Barrie, Vincent Fotre
Music by: Nicholas Carras

Film Trivia

Leading lady Cathy Downs' screams are dubbed--they were Allison Hayes' screams from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958).
The giant spider prop was originally built for Tarantula (1955).
Final film of Lee Roberts.
Originally released on a double bill with Frankenstein's Daughter (1958).
Riffed by the guys from MST3K under the Rifftrax name, Michael J Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy.