Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 1983

On a desert planet, warlord Jared-Syn is trying to convince a tribe of mutants that he's their messiah and gain unlimited power hidden in a crystal. Ranger Dogen and explorer Dhyana, who's father was murdered by Syn, must stop him.

The Cast

Jeffrey Byron-Dogen
Michael Preston-Jared-Syn
Tim Thomerson-Rhodes
Kelly Preston-Dhyana
Richard Moll-Hurok
R. David Smith-Baal
Larry Pennell-Aix
Marty Zagon-Zax

The Director: Charles Band
The Writers: Alan J. Adler
Music by: Richard Band
Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

Richard Band composed and recorded the score in eleven days.
Tim Thomerson's first film for Charles Band.
Jeffrey Byron and Richard Moll, as well as some of the road-warrior vehicles used in the film. Were once again seen in the 1985 Charles Band science fiction film "The Dungeonmaster".
Mike Preston, who plays the title villain Jared Syd, previously starred in the 1981 film "Mad Max 2".
Described by a critic as "Star Wars" meets "Mad Max".
The story is a space-age western which combines themes of esoteric sorcery and high technology.
Filmed in 3D.
Metalstorm was a courageous if unsuccessful attempt to renew the 3D craze of the 1950s.
The film's tagline "It's High Noon at the end of the universe" is a reference to the classic 1952 western "High Noon".
Dogen resembles Max Rockatansky, the protagonist of the "Mad Max" films.
Dogen is a "seeker". 25 years after the film was released, a television series - Legend of the Seeker (2008) (TV Series) premiered on American television.
Techniques of Shinpu Ren Karate & GD Juijitsu were used in many of the fight sequences in this film. Grandmaster Steven Judson Silverfox II trained the lead actors in these techniques for several months before filming.