Galaxina 1980

The crew of the police cruiser Infinity is finally heading home after a long stay in deep space. Just when they think they are about to get some much needed rest and relaxation, the crew is given a new mission - journey to the alien world Altar One to find the Blue Star, a mystical gem that holds unlimited power. Their journey to find the Blue Star leads them to an outer space brothel full of alien women and a gang that worships Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Can Galaxina and the crew find the Blue Star and save the world and will the ship's pilot succumb to the beauty of the ship's sexy robot Galaxina.

The Director: William Sachs
The Writers: William Sachs

Certificate : 15

Film Trivia

The Batmobile from the television series Batman (1966) is parked in the street in some of the Western town shots.
This movie won the Audience Award at the 1983 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film.
The laser sound effects were borrowed from Battlestar Galactica (1978).
Many of the door sound effects on-board the ship are taken from Star Trek (1966).
Connie Sellecca was also considered for the role of Galaxina.
William Sachs had Avery Schreiber in mind to play Captain Cornelius Butt while writing the screenplay.
Starring as the title character Galaxina in this movie, actress Dorothy Stratten previously had played another sci-fi character so her role as Galaxina was not actually her first in the sci-fi genre. Stratten had portrayed Miss Cosmos in an episode of the television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) [See: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Cruise Ship to the Stars (1979)].
Actor Herb Kaplowitz played a total of three characters. They were Kitty, a Rock Eater and an Ugly Alien Woman.
Involved with director Peter Bogdanovich at the time of the film's US release in June 1980, Dorothy Stratten complained to him that the print ads for Galaxina (1980) also promoted her status as Playboy's Playmate of the Year, upsetting Dorothy who now wanted to be taken seriously as an actress.
The movie-within-this-movie was the Polish-East German sci-fi film Der schweigende Stern (1960). The film is watched by the characters in the picture and was chosen because the American distribution rights were owned by Crown International Pictures who distributed Galaxina (1980) stateside.
According to one of the film's co-stars, Rhonda Shear, there was no nudity in any cut of this film as neither her, nor late actress/Playboy model Dorothy Stratten (Star 80!), would agree to this.
Actress Dorothy Stratten received an 'introducing' credit.
The second consecutive film written and directed by William Sachs to feature a Playboy magazine Playmate of the Year in a lead role; Dorothy Stratten was PMOY for 1980, while actress Cynthia Wood was PMOY in 1974 before appearing in Sachs' previous film, Van Nuys Blvd. (1979). In the DVD commentary track for the latter film, Sachs states that this was not deliberate; the two women merely responded to casting calls for roles requiring a very good-looking actress.
The film takes place in 3008.
The name of the correctional prison planet was "Altar One".
The nickname of space cowboy pilot Private Robert McHenry (J.D. Hinton) was "Buzz".
The film's opening prologue states: "The year is 3008. Space travel is now routine. As new galaxies were explored and more civilizations discovered, the traffic in space increased. The United Intergalactic Federation was called upon to create a police force and soon a fleet of ships was patrolling the far reaches of the known star systems. This is the story of one of these ships, police cruiser, Number 308, the Infinity. It is also the story of the ship's crew and of the ship's robot. She was no ordinary robot for in the 31st century man finally created a machine with feelings, and her name is ... GALAXINA".
The name of the Intergalactic Space Police cruiser spaceship was "Infinity".
William Sachs had previously directed the sci-fi horror film The Incredible Melting Man (1977).