Futureworld 1976

Upon uncovering the dirty secret of futuristic theme-park Futureworld, an ex employee is killed after he tips-off 2 other reporters who decide to do an undercover investigation.

The Cast

Peter Fonda-Chuck Browning
Blythe Danner-Tracy Ballard
Arthur Hill-Duffy
Yul Brynner-The Gunslinger
John P. Ryan-Dr. Schneider
Stuart Margolin-Harry
Allen Ludden-Game Show Host
Robert Cornthwaite-Mr. Reed

The Director: Richard T. Heffron
The Writers: Mayo Simon, George Schenck
Music by: Fred Karlin
Certificate : A

Film Trivia

The CGI hand which appears in the film is Pixar president Ed Catmull's. He had previously scanned a life cast of his hand as a short film.
This was Yul Brynner's final film before his death on October 10, 1985 at the age of 65.
The tram to Futureworld is the tunnel train at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), then Houston Intercontinental Airport, in Houston, TX.
The Futureworld bar is the Logan apartment set from Logan's Run redressed.
According to the over-sized novelty check presented in the opening game show scene, the events of the film begin on June 20, 1985.
The film takes place in 1985.
Upon arrival at Delos, the lobby is the lobby of Jones Hall in Houston, TX.
The working title was "Did NOBODY Learn The Lesson the FIRST Time?", but was axed, as the producers didn't want a movie title phrased as a question.
Was the first film sold to China for a large-scale release after President Jimmy Carter formalized relations with the country.
The stock footage of the passenger jet flying against the sunset (eleven minutes in) was also used in The Gambler (1974) at 1:01:48.
When Chuck Browning and Tracy Ballard leave the large Delos meeting, they walk through the lobby of the 2 Houston Center building and take the escalator down toward the tunnel level.
Sequel of the movie starring Yul Brynner Westworld (1973).
German Import DVD has Super-8mm version (German Audio), as a special feature.
A day at the Delos resort costs $1200.
When the Delos administration talks about the tragedy at Westworld, they show Yul Brynner's Gunslinger, and state he was the first robot to kill a guest. But in the movie Westworld, the first robot to kill a guest was The Black Knight at Medievalworld (and it wasn't shown out of sequence since we also saw the Chief Technician reacting to the Black Knight before The Gunslinger).
Despite footage from the previous movie Westworld (1973), Yul Brynner only appears briefly during a dream sequence.