Flying Disc Man from Mars 1950

A single-handed hero sets himself against Martians trying to assume control of Earth.

The Cast

Walter Reed-Kent Fowler
Lois Collier-Helen Hall
Gregory Gaye-Mota
James Craven-Bryant
Harry Lauter-Drake
Richard Irving-Ryan
Sandy Sanders-Steve
Michael Carr-Trent

The Director: Fred C. Brannon
The Writers: Ronald Davidson
Music by: Stanley Wilson
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Chapter Titles:
  • 1. Menace From Mars
  • 2. The Volcano's Secret
  • 3. Death Rides The Stratosphere
  • 4. Execution By Fire
  • 5. The Living Projectile
  • 6. Perilous Mission
  • 7. Descending Doom
  • 8. Suicide Sacrifice
  • 9. The Funeral Pyre
  • 10. Weapons of Hate
  • 11. Disaster On The Highway
  • 12. Volcanic Vengence
This 1950 Republic serial was made during the era of the Communist witch hunts in the United States. In the plot, a Martian plans with a former Nazi to bring the world under a "Supreme Leader." In a not too subtle casting decision, the Martian is played by Russian born actor Gregory Gaye.
The filming budget (expected cost) of this serial was $152,640 and the film-negative cost came in at $157,439 making it $745 over the budget (expected cost.) For some strange reason Revisionists have given Budget an entire different meaning than that used by the film-industry people and studios who actually made the films.