Flight to Mars 1951

Five astronauts successfully fly to Mars where they encounter seemingly friendly and advanced inhabitants who harbor covert plans to use their ship to invade Earth.

The Cast

Marguerite Chapman-Alita
Cameron Mitchell-Steve Abbott
Arthur Franz-Dr. Jim Barker
Virginia Huston-Carol Stafford
John Litel-Dr. Lane
Morris Ankrum-Ikron
Richard Gaines-Prof. Jackson
Lucille Barkley-Terris

The Director: Lesley Selander
The Writers: Arthur Strawn, Aleksei Tolstoy
Music by: Marlin Skiles
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

The suits that the Martians wear were leftovers from Destination Moon (1950).
According to star Cameron Mitchell, the entire film was shot in 5 days.
The interior of the spaceship is the same one used for Rocketship X-M (1950).
Three of the principal actors (Morris Ankrum, Richard Gaines and John Litel) all had a turn at portraying the judge on the "Perry Mason" (TV Series 1957-1966).
The name of Marguerite Chapman's character is derived from the Queen of Mars from the classic Soviet silent film Aelita (1924).
In the scene where the reporter and one of the professors go back to check for damage. The round red object he opens up is a complete (minus 2 machine guns) belly ball turret for a B-17 bomber from World War II. It is minus it's revolving and raising and lowering mechanisms.
Although Marguerite Chapman got top billing, she only appears in the last half of the movie.