Brick Bradford 1947

Brick Bradford, soldier-of-fortune and time-machine traveler, is hired to protect the Interceptor Ray, an anti-guided missile weapon. His task takes him to the Moon, where he is captured by subjects of Queen Khana, but is spared because Queen Khana kinda likes him. Back on earth, Brick, Sandy and June get into The Time To (Brick's spinning time-machine) and spin back to the 18th Century where they have to fight off pirates and island natives. Brick finally traps the villain after the Interceptor Ray and world peace is assured.

The Cast

Kane Richmond-Brick Bradford
Rick Vallin-Sandy Sanderson
Linda Leighton-June Salisbury
Pierre Watkin-Prof. Salisbury
Charles Quigley-Laydron
Jack Ingram-Albers
Fred Graham-Black
John Merton-Dr. Gregor Tymak

The Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
The Writers: Clarence Gray, William Ritt, George H. Plympton, Arthur Hoerl, Lewis Clay

Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Chapter Titles
  • 1. Atomic Defense
  • 2. Flight to the Moon
  • 3. Prisoners of the Moon
  • 4. Into the Volcano
  • 5. Bradford at Bay
  • 6. Back to Earth
  • 7. Into Another Century
  • 8. Buried Treasure
  • 9. Trapped in the Time Top
  • 10.The Unseen Hand
  • 11.Poison Gas
  • 12.Door of Disaster
  • 13.Sinister Rendezvous
  • 14.River of Revenge
  • 15.For the Peace of the World