Blake of Scotland Yard 1937

A 15 episode serial in which Blake battles the "Scorpion" over possession of a 'death ray' machine.

The Cast

Ralph Byrd-Dr. Jerry Sheehan
Herbert Rawlinson-Sir James Blake
Joan Barclay-Hope Mason
Lloyd Hughes-Dr. Marshall - 'The Scorpion'
Dickie Jones-Bobby Mason
Lucille Lund-Duchess [Chs. 1-6, 14]
Nick Stuart-Julot [Chs. 2-4, 9-10, 14]
Sam Flint-Chief Insp. Henderson

The Director: Robert F. Hill
The Writers: Robert F. Hill, William Buchanan, Basil Dickey

Film Trivia

CHAPTER TITLES: 1. The Mystery of the Blooming Gardenias; 2. Death in the Laboratory; 3. Cleared Mysteries; 4. Mystery of the Black Fox; 5. Death in the River; 6. The Criminal Shadow; 7. Face To Face; 8. The Fatal Trap; 9. Parisian House Tops; 10.Battle Royal; 11.The Burning Fuse; 12.The Roofs of Limehouse; 13.The Sting of the Scorpion; 14.The Scorpion Unmasked; 15.The Trap is Sprung.
During filming of an action scene, a bullet ricocheted and struck director Robert F. Hill in the head. The injuries he incurred caused him to retire from active directing three years later.