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Book Effect

Book effect lets you add a book to your scene with turning pages. And by using the interface you have actions to open, close the book and turn the pages forward and back. All pages are added to the Inspector as textures.

Available at the Unity Asset Store


Book Cover Animation: hooks in the Book Cover GameObject
Book Cover Mesh: hooks in the Book Cover mesh
Book Animation: hooks in the Book Page GameObject
Book Mesh: hooks in the Book Page mesh
Details.Pages.Size: The number of pages in the book.
Details.Pages.Element [n]: Each texture in the book.
Details.Starting Page: The starting page when you open the book. This number must be even.

How to use

Add the Assets\eWolf\BookEffectV2\Prefabs\Book_Normal_pf.prefab into your scene.

Update Details.Pages.Size with how many pages you have. Add all the textures into the Details.Pages.Element sections

Set the starting pages if you want the book to open at a page other than the first page. To control the Book you will need to get access to the IBookControl interface with
IBookControl bookControl = BookObject.GetComponent();
This will give you access to all the action in the interface. (examples of this can be seen in BookHud.cs)

Interface options

All book actions are controlled through an interface.

The interface IBookControl contains

bool CanTurnPageBackWard { get; }
bool CanTurnPageForward { get; }
Details GetDetails { get; }
bool IsBookOpen { get; }
void CloseBook();
void OpenBook();
void OpenBookAtPage(int pageIndex);
void SetSpeed(float speed);
void TurnPage();
void TurnPageBack();

Unity3D folder layout

The old version of the book effect works differently,

old version.

Ok, Still need help - or if you have a problem. email

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