Zombies of the Stratosphere 1952

The invaders come to Earth to create an H-bomb to blast Earth out of orbit so that Mars can take its place.

The Cast

Judd Holdren-Larry Martin
Aline Towne-Sue Davis
Wilson Wood-Bob Wilson
Lane Bradford-Marex
Stanley Waxman-Dr. Harding
John Crawford-Roth
Craig Kelly-Mr. Steele
Ray Boyle-Shane

The Director: Fred C. Brannon
The Writers: Ronald Davidson
Music by: Stanley Wilson
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

CHAPTER TITLES: 1) The Zombie Vanguard, 2) Battle of the Rockets, 3)Undersea Agents, 4) Contraband Cargo, 5) The Iron Executioner, 6) Murder Mine, 7) Death on the Waterfront, 8) Hostage for Murder, 9) The Human Torpedo, 10) Flying Gas Chamber, 11) Man Vs. Monster, 12) Tomb of the Traitors.
One of two Republic serials colorized in 1995 for television broadcast.
Film debut (as "Narab", a Martian invader) of Leonard Nimoy.
The lead character's name was changed from Commando Cody to Larry Martin for contractual reasons so as not to conflict with Republic's using the character for an NBC science-fiction series of the same name.
Third Republic 12-chapter serial to feature the rocket-powered flying pack and helmet first introduced in King of the Rocket Men (1949).
Production took only 17 days, tying it for shortest filming period of any Republic serial with King of the Carnival (1955).
One of only 14 serials to be re-edited and released as a feature film from Republic's large catalog of serials.