Z.P.G. 1972

Concerned with population over-growth, the Earth government bans, under the penalty of death, all pregnancies but one couple decides to risk having a real baby rather than legally adopt a cyborg child.

The Cast

Oliver Reed-Russ
Geraldine Chaplin-Carol
Don Gordon-George
Diane Cilento-Edna
David Markham-Dr. Herrick
Bill Nagy-The President
Sheila Reid-Mary Herrick
Aubrey Woods-Dr. Mallory

The Director: Michael Campus
The Writers: Max Ehrlich, Frank De Felitta
Music by: Jonathan Hodge
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

Though the film did not do well commercially a novel adapted by co-screenwriter Max Ehrlich named The Edict did very well commercially.
Final feature film of Bill Nagy.
Frank DeFelitta originally intended to direct the film himself.