Valley of the Dragons 1961

In 1881, in Algeria, Michael Denning and Hector Servadac are fighting a duel when a comet brushing Earth takes the two men to the Moon where they discover a prehistoric civilization.

The Cast

Cesare Danova-Hector Servadac
Sean McClory-Michael Denning
Joan Staley-Deena
Danielle De Metz-Nateeta
Gregg Martell-Od-Loo
Gil Perkins-Tarn /
I. Stanford Jolley-Patoo
Mike Lane-Anoka

The Director: Edward Bernds
The Writers: Edward Bernds, Jules Verne, Donald Zimbalist
Music by: Ruby Raksin
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Uses stock footage from Man and His Mate (1940) and _Rodan (1956)_.
Some US advertising materials promoted the movie as having been filmed in "Monstascope", suggesting some kind of wide-screen process, but this was entirely misleading. In fact, the film was photographed with spherical lenses and projected at 1.85:1 - wider than regular Academy aperture (1.37:1), but not quite CinemaScope.