Unknown Island 1948

An adventure seeker and his fiancée visit an uncharted island, only to find that it is inhabited by deadly dinosaurs and other creatures ready to attack.

The Cast

Virginia Grey-Carole Lane
Phillip Reed-Ted Osborne
Richard Denning-John Fairbanks
Barton MacLane-Capt. Tarnowski
Dick Wessel-Sanderson, 1st Mate
Dan White-Crewman Edwards
Phil Nazir-Crewman Golab
Ray Corrigan-Monster

The Director: Jack Bernhard
The Writers: Robert T. Shannon, Robert T. Shannon, Jack Harvey
Music by: Raoul Kraushaar
Certificate : A

Film Trivia

The two-legged dinosaurs (ceratosaurs) were rubber suits worn by actors in the desert of Palmdale, CA. When the explorers shoot grenades at them, one of the beasts falls down, apparently dead. The actor inside the suit actually fainted from the extreme heat, and the director decided to use the footage.
All the footage of the principal actors was shot on sound stages at General Service Studios (now Hollywood Center Studios). Only the second unit filming dinosaurs and sloth in Palmdale, Corriganville, and the beach, were on location. All shots of the principals and monsters in the same shot were achieved with rear projection effects.