The X from Outer Space 1967

When a crew of scientists returns from Mars with a sample of the space spores that contaminated their ship, the sample escapes and grows into an enormous, rampaging beaked beast.

The Cast

Eiji Okada-Dr. Kato
Shun'ya Wazaki-Capt. Sano
Itoko Harada-Michiko
Peggy Neal-Lisa
Franz Gruber-Dr. Berman
Mike Daneen-Dr. Stein
Shin'ichi Yanagisawa-Miyamoto
Keisuke Sonoi-Dr. Shioda

The Director: Kazui Nihonmatsu
The Writers: Moriyoshi Ishida, Eibi Motomochi, Kazui Nihonmatsu
Music by: Taku Izumi

Film Trivia

This was Shochiku's first monster movie.
This film is part of the Criterion Collection, which is included amoung the Eclipse series 37.
In the 1990s after Nikkatsu Co. folded (the studio responsible for Gappa, the Triphibian Monster), Shochiku announced "Gappa vs. Guilala" which never came to be. Guilala has since appeared in an American TV commercial and a sequel film.
Peggy Neal may well be the first blonde actress to appear in a Japanese monster film.