The Wizard of Mars 1965

In 1975, four astronauts, Dorothy, Doc, Charlie, and Steve, crash land on Mars when taking readings, with only four days of supplies. They must try to survive on the surface, which is barren except for some canals with huge maggots with fins. After embarking through a golden igneous cavern, braving a storm and finding an unmanned Earth vessel, they discover a golden road which leads them to the unchanging ruins of what was once a beautiful Martian city. The Martians are modeled on the Flatheads of Oz, and their collective consciousness, the "Wizard," forbids them to leave until they perform a very small task.

The Director: David L. Hewitt
The Writers: L. Frank Baum, Armando Busick, David L. Hewitt, David L. Hewitt
Music by: Frank A. Coe

Film Trivia

Lon Chaney Jr. does not appear in this film, despite his name credited on the video box for "Alien Massacre." His only feature for director David L. Hewitt was Gallery of Horror (1967) (which did co-star John Carradine).
While John Carradine was busy shooting a day's work on this film, Doris Rich--his wife at the time--was playing Mrs. Santa Claus in the campy Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) (she died in 1971).