The Space Children 1958

An alien intelligence aborts the launching of a rocket with the help of a bunch of children.

The Cast

Michel Ray-Bud Brewster
Adam Williams-Dave Brewster
Peggy Webber-Anne Brewster
Johnny Washbrook-Tim Gamble
Jackie Coogan-Hank Johnson
Richard Shannon-Lieutenant Colonel Alan Manley
Raymond Bailey-Dr. Wahrman
Sandy Descher-Eadie Johnson

The Director: Jack Arnold
The Writers: Tom Filer, Bernard C. Schoenfeld
Music by: Van Cleave

Film Trivia

The interior of the Brewster trailer - Unit #3 - is the set that had been built for the MGM movie The Long, Long Trailer (1954). The exterior of the trailer however is not the same New Moon model.
The daughter of a wildcat oil driller, Peggy Webber commenced her career at age two and a half, performing during intermissions in silent movie theaters. She started working in radio at age 11; by 18, she was writing, producing and directing early television shows; at 21, she won the award that was later known as the Emmy for her drama anthology series Treasures of Literature. Among her many thousands of radio credits, workhorse Webber appeared in over 100 Dragnet programs, playing Ma Friday and many other characters.
The film was based on The Egg, an unpublished story by Tom Filer involving a girl with polio that was significantly different than the film.
The Space Children was William Alland's first picture with Paramount.
The alien brain was created by special effects artist Ivyl Burks and used $3,300 of neon lights to create the glowing effect.
The Space Children was first released to theaters on June 18, 1958 as part of a double bill, along with The Colossus of New York, which was also produced by William Alland.
The Space Children was first released as a DVD in 2006 as part of the Lost Movie Classics Collection by RoDon Enterprises. A second DVD release occurred in 2012 and was accompanied by a Blu-ray release both by Olive Films.