The Quatermass Conclusion 1979

A separate screenplay by Nigel Kneale for theaters, parallel to the 1979 Quatermass four part mini-series. The story set in the near future involves influences from outer space that are possessing people. Professor Quatermass must save his granddaughter from the clutches of a popular and sinister cult "Planet People" that "performs raptures".

The Cast

John Mills-Prof. Bernard Quatermass
Simon MacCorkindale-Joe Kapp
Barbara Kellerman-Clare Kapp
Margaret Tyzack-Annie Morgan
Brewster Mason-Gurov
Ralph Arliss-Kickalong
Paul Rosebury-Caraway
Jane Bertish-Bee

The Director: Piers Haggard
The Writers: Nigel Kneale
Music by: Nic Rowley,Marc Wilkinson
Certificate : 15

Film Trivia

This edited version of Quatermass (1979), half the length of the mini-series, was produced to be released theatrically overseas. This meant Nigel Kneale had to write a script that would work as a three hour and twenty-four hour mini-series, and as a one hour and forty-two minute movie.