The Mouse on the Moon 1963

A tiny country persuades the Americans and Soviets that they're starting a space program, when they really just want some money for new plumbing.

The Cast

Margaret Rutherford-Grand Duchess Gloriana XIII
Ron Moody-Prime Minister Rupert Mountjoy
Bernard Cribbins-Vincent Mountjoy
David Kossoff-Professor Kokintz
Terry-Thomas-Maurice Spender
June Ritchie-Cynthia
John Le Mesurier-British Delegate
John Phillips-Bracewell - U.S. Delegate

The Director: Richard Lester
The Writers: Leonard Wibberley, Michael Pertwee
Music by: Ron Grainer
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Although other characters from the earlier film appear (PM Rupert Mountjoy and his opposition leader Benter) David Kossoff, who played Kokintz, was the only principal cast member of The Mouse That Roared (1959) who returned to play the same role in this sequel.
Ron Moody was only four years older than Bernard Cribbins who played his son Vincent.
First feature film of Tom Aldredge.
Director Richard Lester's first film for United Artists Corporation.