The Man from Earth 2007

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he has a longer and stranger past than they can imagine.

The Director: Richard Schenkman
The Writers: Jerome Bixby
Music by: Mark Hinton Stewart
Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

The whole movie was shot using 2 Panasonic DVX100 camcorders, which probably explains the overall grainy look of the film.
There were no deleted scenes for this movie, only 3 deleted lines, as explained by Director Richard Schenkman in the DVD commentary.
The last work from screenwriter Jerome Bixby before his death.
The director, Richard Schenkman, has always appeared in a cameo in his previous movies. He wanted to appear as a mover but due to the need to choreograph the cast for the moving scene, he reluctantly decided to fore-go his cameo and instead hired another person to be the 2nd mover.
The Tony Todd character, "Dan", mentions that he is gonna go home and watch Star Trek. Tony Todd appeared in seven episodes and one video game of Star Trek since 1990, John Billingsley starred in Star Trek: Enterprise and screenwriter Jerome Bixby wrote several episodes of the original series. Richard Riehle also guest starred in episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Star Trek: Voyager and "Star Trek: Enterprise".
Richard Schenkman has never met the scorer Mark Hinton Stewart who lives in the UK. They communicated via telephone throughout the process.
Tony Todd was the first person cast for this movie.
A character similar to John Oldman--a seemingly immortal Roman gladiator named Flint--appears in Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (1969). This episode is also written by Jerome Bixby.
David Lee Smith, as with Jerome Bixby, Tony Todd, John Billingsley, and Richard Rheil, also has a connection with Star Trek. He guest starred in Star Trek: Voyager S03E18 Episode "The Darkling" as Zahir.
John's last name is ''Oldman'' which points to a fact that he is 14.000 years old.