The Man Who Turned to Stone 1957

Jory and his followers stay immortal by siphoning off the life forces of others. If they don't get renewed, they petrify.

The Cast

Victor Jory-Dr. Murdock
William Hudson-Dr. Jess Rogers
Charlotte Austin-Carol Adams
Jean Willes-Tracy
Ann Doran-Mrs. Ford
Paul Cavanagh-Cooper
George Lynn-Dr. Freneau
Victor Varconi-Dr. Myer

The Director: László Kardos
The Writers: WGA, Bernard Gordon

Certificate : X

Film Trivia

The film was refused a UK theatrical certificate by the BBFC in April 1957 and eventually passed with cuts 3 months later.
Columbia Pictures released this film on a double bill with The Dead That Walk (1957) with the tag line: "Warning - This is the Most Shocking Horror Bill Ever Shown!"