The Man They Could Not Hang 1939

When Dr. Savaard's experiment in cryonics is interrupted by the short-sighted authorities, his volunteer dies, and he is condemned to death. He vows vengeance if he can survive his own hanging.

The Cast

Boris Karloff-Dr. Henryk Savaard
Lorna Gray-Janet Savaard
Robert Wilcox-'Scoop' Foley
Roger Pryor-District Attorney Drake
Don Beddoe-Police Lt. Shane
Ann Doran-Betty Crawford
Joe De Stefani-Dr. Stoddard
Charles Trowbridge-Judge Bowman

The Director: Nick Grinde
The Writers: Karl Brown, George Wallace Sayre, Leslie T. White

Film Trivia

Shooting lasted from June 27-July 12, 1939, released Aug. 17.
A photo of Boris Karloff as character Dr. Henryk Savaard was used 2 years later as background image for a lobby card for The Devil Commands (1941).
Part of the Son of Shock package of 20 titles released to television in 1958, which followed the original Shock Theater release of 52 features one year earlier. This was also one of the 11 Columbia titles, the other 61 all being Universals.