The Land Unknown 1957

Three men and a woman crash-land in a deep crater in Antarctica, where they find a prehistoric world.

The Cast

Jock Mahoney-Commander Alan Roberts
Shirley Patterson-Margaret Hathaway
William Reynolds-Lt. Jack Carmen
Henry Brandon-Dr. Carl Hunter
Douglas Kennedy-Capt. Burnham
Phil Harvey-Steve Miller
Ralph Brooks-Man at Briefing

The Director: Virgil W. Vogel
The Writers: László Görög, William N. Robson, Charles Palmer
Music by: Henry Mancini ,Heinz Roemheld ,Hans J. Salter ,Herman Stein
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

This was originally set to be an expensive sci-fi epic shot in color with a large cast and Jack Arnold directing. Arnold actually began pre-production work when Universal decided to slash the budget, shoot it in black-and-white instead of color and changed (and reduced) the cast, turning it from a big-budget "A" picture to a low-budget "B" picture. Arnold withdrew from the project and Universal assigned it to one of its contract directors, Virgil W. Vogel.
The Tyrannosaurus head from this movie was reportedly used to create Spot under the stairs of the Munster House on The Munsters (1964).
This story was allegedly inspired by the discovery, in 1947, of an area of inexplicably warm water in Antarctica.
At the beginning of the film, LT Carmen is wearing the "aviation green" uniform. This uniform was for naval aviation personnel from 1925 to until finally in 2011. The uniform was rarely seen due to restrictions put on it by senior commanders and naval regulations.
The Navy Helicopter is a Sikorsky S-51.
The cover photo of Best Buy's "Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection - Volume 2" is adapted from Maggie's encounter with a man-eating squid-plant.