The Hideous Sun Demon 1959

After exposure to radiation, an atomic research scientist finds himself changing into a murderous, lizard-like creature every time he is exposed to sunlight.

The Cast

Robert Clarke-Dr. Gilbert McKenna
Patricia Manning-Ann Russell
Nan Peterson-Trudy Osborne
Patrick Whyte-Dr. Frederick Buckell
Fred La Porta-Dr. Jacob Hoffman
Peter Similuk-George Messorio
William White-Police Lt. Peterson
Robert Garry-Dr. Stern

The Director: Robert Clarke
The Writers: E.S. Seeley Jr., Doane R. Hoag, Robert Clarke, Phil Hiner

Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

Robert Clarke later helped spoof this movie when it was re-dubbed and re-released as What's Up, Hideous Sun Demon (1983)
In the scene where the radio announcer is warning the public about the killer on the loose, he finishes by saying "I return to music by the King Sisters". Robert Clarke was married to Alyce King of the singing King Sister and later appeared on their TV show.