The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 1959

Jonathan is shocked to find that his dead brother's head is missing. When the skull shows up later he realises an ancient curse on his grandfather by a South American Indians is still in effect and he's next. That night he's awakened by an Indian with his lips sewn together and wielding a poisoned knife.

The Cast

Eduard Franz-Jonathan Drake
Valerie French-Alison Drake
Grant Richards-Police Lt. Jeff Rowan
Henry Daniell-Dr. Emil Zurich
Lumsden Hare-Rogers
Frank Gerstle-Lee Coulter
Paul Wexler-Zutai
Howard Wendell-Dr. George Bradford

The Director: Edward L. Cahn
The Writers: Orville H. Hampton
Music by: Paul Dunlap
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

In addition to his credited work as make-up artist, Charles Gemora also designed and sculpted the shrunken heads.
Final film of Paul Cavanagh.
Final film of Lumsden Hare.
The script is based in part on the Amazonian Indian practice of removing the skulls from decapitated heads, padding them with hot sand and shrinking them to an extremely small size.
United Artists released this as the bottom of a double bill with "Invisible Invaders" (1959). Both films were directed by Edward L. Cahn, and despite each film listing a different production company, Premium Pictures and Vogue Pictures, both were actually produced by the same company.