The Devil Bat 1940

A mad scientist develops an aftershave lotion that causes his gigantic bats to kill anyone who wears it.

The Director: Jean Yarbrough
The Writers: John T. Neville, George Bricker

Certificate : A

Film Trivia

This low-budget thriller, boosted by Bela Lugosi, was one of the biggest successes for the poverty row Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC). After the war, the studio tried to recapture this success by producing an in-name-only sequel, Devil Bat's Daughter (1946), and a virtual shot-by-shot remake, The Flying Serpent (1946).
This was the first, and most successful, horror film from Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC) after it was formed from the failed Producers Distrubuting Corporation (PDC). Filming began October 28 1940.
This film received its first documented telecasts in New York City Wednesday 4 August 1948 on WCBS (Channel 2), in Albuquerque Saturday 20 August 1949 on KOB (Channel 4), in Chicago Wednesday 5 October 1949 on WGN (Channel 9), and in Los Angeles Thursday 23 March 1950 on KTLA (Channel 5).
Because it was produced by the "poverty row" studio PRC, which failed to renew its copyright, the film is now a public domain title. This explains why it is frequently run on late-night TV, and is available on home video from multiple distributors, often of very poor quality.
Due to its box-office success, the film was given both a 1945 re-release (double-billed with Man Made Monster (1941)) and an in-name-only sequel (Devil Bat's Daughter (1946)).
The phrase Devil Bat is said 29 times in the movie.
Dr. Carruthers ('Bela Lugosi') drives a 1939 Oldsmobile coupe. Henry Morton ('Guy Usher') drives a 1939 Buick coupe.