The Day The Sky Exploded 1958

Scientists discover that a group of meteors are hurtling on a collison course with Earth, and if they hit, the planet will be destroyed.

The Cast

Paul Hubschmid-John McLaren
Fiorella Mari-Mary McLaren
Madeleine Fischer-Katy Dandridge
Ivo Garrani-Prof. Herbert Weisse
Dario Michaelis-Peter Leduq
Peter Meersman-Gen. van Dorff
Jean-Jacques Delbo-Sergei Boetnikov
Massimo Zeppieri-Dennis McLaren

The Director: Paolo Heusch
The Writers: Sandro Continenza, Marcello Coscia, Virgilio Sabel
Music by: Carlo Rustichelli

Film Trivia

In the American version of the credits, Mario Bava is inexplicably misspelled "Mario Baja".
The original title, "La Morte Viene dallo Spazio", translates to "Death Comes from Space".
The voice of the American astronaut character, John McLaren is provided by Shane Rimmer, Canadian actor better known for voicing Scott Tracey of the English series Thunderbirds (1965).
The American copy of this film is in Public Domain.
Italian censorship visa # 27630 delivered on 27-8-1958.