The Atomic Brain 1963

A rich but unscrupulous old woman plots with a scientist to have her brain implanted in the skull of a sexy young woman.

The Cast

Marjorie Eaton-Mrs. March
Frank Gerstle-Dr. Frank
Frank Fowler-Victor
Erika Peters-Nina
Judy Bamber-Bea
Lisa Lang-Anita
Xerxes-Xerxes the Cat
Bradford Dillman-Narrator

The Director: Joseph V. Mascelli
The Writers: Vy Russell, Sue Dwiggins, Dean Dillman Jr., Jack Pollexfen
Music by: Gene Kauer

Film Trivia

Producer Jack Pollexfen fired director Joseph V. Mascelli and finished directing the picture, uncredited.
Shot in 1958, released in 1963. According to producer Jack Pollexfen, the production company went bankrupt about halfway through shooting, leaving no money to finish the film. They tried fixing it in the editing room over the next few years, but it was impossible.
Shot in ten days.
Narrator of the film is Actor Bradford Dillman. He is younger brother of one the credited Screenplay Writers on this movie, Dean Dillman Jr.
Lisa Lang's final film.
Judy Bamber's final film.