Superman Vs Atom Man 1950

Superman battles Lex Luthor who is using a teleportation device and a new identity as Atom Man in his criminal plans.

The Cast

Kirk Alyn-Superman
Noel Neill-Lois Lane
Lyle Talbot-Luthor
Tommy Bond-Jimmy Olsen
Pierre Watkin-Perry White
Jack Ingram-Foster
Don C. Harvey-Albor
Rusty Wescoatt-Carl

The Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
The Writers: George H. Plympton, Joseph F. Poland, David Mathews, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel

Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Episode titles:
  • 1. Superman Flies Again
  • 2. Atom Man Appears!
  • 3. Ablaze in the Sky!
  • 4. Superman Meets Atom Man!
  • 5. Atom Man Tricks Superman
  • 6. Atom Man's Challenge
  • 7. At the Mercy of Atom Man!
  • 8. Into the Empty Doom!
  • 9. Superman Crashes Through
  • 10. Atom Man's Heat Ray
  • 11. Luthor's Strategy
  • 12. Atom Man Strikes!
  • 13. Atom Man's Flying Saucers
  • 14. Rocket of Vengeance
  • 15. Superman Saves the Universe
This was reportedly the highest grossing American movie serial of all time.
Lex Luthor was in neither the animated shorts nor the later TV series starring George Reeves; Lyle Talbot was the first actor to ever play the character.
In chapter one the shot of Luthor destroying the bridge is actual footage of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge that opened in 1940 (also known as "Galloping Gertie"). The footage used is that of the bridge in its final moments prior to its collapse on November 7, 1940, shot on 16mm Kodachrome motion picture film by Barney Elliott and Harbine Monroe of a Tacoma-area camera shop.
The face of Lyle Talbot, who portrayed Lex Luthor in this serial, was used in the comic books as the actual face of Luthor until the 1960s, when a much thinner version of Luthor was premiered.