Spaceways 1953

A small group of closely-guarded British scientists test their first rocket amidst indications of matrimonial strife in the community. After the partial failure of the firing, a couple go missing - have they gone off together or are their murdered bodies circling the earth in the remains of the rocket?

The Cast

Howard Duff-Dr. Stephen Mitchell
Eva Bartok-Dr. Lisa Frank
Alan Wheatley-Dr. Smith
Philip Leaver-Professor Koepler
Michael Medwin-Dr. Toby Andrews
Andrew Osborn-Dr. Philip Crenshaw
Cecile Chevreau-Vanessa Mitchell
Anthony Ireland-General Hayes

The Director: Terence Fisher
The Writers: Richard H. Landau, Charles Eric Maine, Paul Tabori, Paul Tabori
Music by: Ivor Slaney
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Principal photography on Spaceways took place at Ray Studios, Windsor, England from mid-November 1952 to early January 1953.[1] Some of the scenes of the spaceship taking off were special effects shots taken from the Lippert film, Rocketship X-M (1950).
Spaceways was not well received by critics, and its poor production values soon relegated the film to the bottom of theater playbills and drive-ins, mainly as fill-in fodder. Film reviewer Glenn Erickson, writing in DVD Savant, noted: "The disappointment of Spaceways is finding out that it is really a lukewarm murder mystery in a science fiction setting".
The film was distributed in the UK by Exclusive Films Ltd. and in the United States by Lippert Pictures Inc.