Parallels 2015

A mysterious building is the gateway to infinite parallel Earths.

The Cast

Mark Hapka-Ronan Carver
Jessica Rothe-Beatrix Carver
Eric Jungmann-Harold
Constance Wu-Polly
Yorgo Constantine-Alex Carver
Davi Jay-Chief Stone
Michael Monks-Tinker
Ian Casselberry-Mike

The Director: Christopher Leone
The Writers: Laura Harkcom, Christopher Leone, Christopher Leone
Music by: Corey Allen Jackson

Film Trivia

Parallels was created as a television pilot, but Fox Digital Studios morphed it into a stand-alone movie.
North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel is pasted into the skyline of the futuristic version of the city (at around 45 mins).
In the 'Happy Death Days' films, Jessica Rothe also plays a character who travels to alternate universes/realities.
The object from the core Earth is never explained. The only way the film makes any sense is when one realises that it was originally a pilot for a series where these mysteries would have been answered.
When Ronan and Beatrix's father comes down to the ground floor to the building, his elevator dings 10 times. One is the elevator's cart call to the floor he's on and nine as the cart passes each floor. That means he was on the inaccessible tenth floor.