Outer Space Jitters 1957

The stooges accompany Professor Jones on an expedition to Venus, where they discover that the Venusians are planning to conquer the earth with an army of zombies. When the boys learn that they're going to be turned into zombies, they escape. The scene changes to the stooges' apartment where we learn they are just telling a bedtime story to their kids (also played by the stooges) while they wait for the babysitter to arrive. When the babysitter shows up, she looks like one of the zombies and the boys exit in a hurry.

The Cast

Joe Besser-Joe
Larry Fine-Larry /
Moe Howard-Moe
Emil Sitka-Professor Jones
Gene Roth-The Grand Zilch
Philip Van Zandt-The High Mucky Muck
Dan Blocker-Zombie
Diana Darrin-Sunev Girl

The Director: Jules White
The Writers: Jack White

Certificate : U

Film Trivia

Production number 1909.