One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing 1975

A suspected Western spy steals a secret microfilm from China and hides it in the skeleton of a museum dinosaur, prompting a frantic search for it by various interested parties.

The Cast

Derek Nimmo-Lord Southmere
Hugh Burden-Haines
Bernard Bresslaw-Fan Choy
Helen Hayes-Hettie
Joan Sims-Emily
Deryck Guyler-Harris
Peter Ustinov-Hnup Wan
Clive Revill-Quon

The Director: Robert Stevenson
The Writers: Bill Walsh, David Forrest
Music by: Ron Goodwin
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

The skeleton prop was used in the scene where C-3PO sees the Jawa transporter in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), which was made at Elstree Studios.
The source novel, "The Great Dinosaur Robbery" by Robert Forrest Webb and David Eliades under the pseudonym David Forrest, was written with an adult audience in mind. It was also set in New York City. Both authors researched the location and time period thoroughly with a lot of help from the American Museum of Natural History. They were highly disappointed with Disney's decision to make a "children's" movie from the material.
The title is a parody of One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942) in which Peter Ustinov (Hnup Wan) and Hugh Burden (Haines) appeared.
This movie was broadcast on BBC 1 on Saturday, November 8, 1986 in place of the cancelled light entertainment show "The Late, Late Breakfast Show" and the game show "Every Second Counts". "The Late, Late Breakfast Show" was cancelled by the BBC, due to the death of Michael Lush.
This was Hugh Burden's final film before his death on May 17, 1985 at the age of 72.
Hnup Wan's (Sir Peter Ustinov's) hideout is called "The Reluctant Dragon", a reference to Disney's 1941 movie of the same name.