Journey to the Center of Time 1967

Gruff, hard-nosed new boss Stanton takes over a scientific research company upon the death of his benevolent father. Scientists Manning, Gordon and White, who are very close to a breakthrough in time travel, are told by Stanton they must have results in 24 hours or face a funding cut-off. Trying to push their equipment past its safe operating limit they travel into the far future and distant past, with Stanton along as an accidental participant, unaware that a surprise awaits them as they struggle to return to the present.

The Director: David L. Hewitt
The Writers: David L. Hewitt
Music by: Marlin Skiles

Film Trivia

The scenes of cities being attacked from the air with conventional and nuclear weapons are lifted from Invasion, U.S.A. (1952).
The scene on the screen of the spaceship on the launch pad was lifted from the 1964 movie The Time Travelers
The film takes place in 1967 and 6967.