Journey To The Seventh Planet 1962

Earth sends a five-man team to explore the frozen planet Uranus, only to find a temperate forest and sultry women from their past on it, courtesy of an alien brain with evil designs.

The Cast

John Agar-Capt. Don Graham
Carl Ottosen-Commander Eric
Ove Sprogøe-Barry O'Sullivan
Louis Miehe-Renard-Svend
Peter Monch-Karl
Greta Thyssen-Greta Thyssen
Ann Smyrner-Ingrid
Mimi Heinrich-Ursula

The Director: Sidney W. Pink
The Writers: Sidney W. Pink, Ib Melchior, Sidney W. Pink

Certificate : U

Film Trivia

The Earth is run by the UN and there are no more wars. The date on the letter John Agar reads is 10th September, 2001 one day before 9/11.
When officials at American International viewed the completed film, they decided that some of the Danish-produced special effects were so poor that they needed to be replaced. Two members of the independent special effects company Project Unlimited, Jim Danforth and Wah Chang, shot new footage to replace some of the Danish special effects. Some of the deleted footage was also replaced with tinted black-and-white monster footage from Earth vs the Spider (1958).
Among the replacement footage used in the American International version was a brief special effects shot from The Angry Red Planet (1959).
The major contribution made to the American International version by Jim Danforth and Wah Chang was the giant cyclopean rodent monster. The monster's roar was actually Rodan's roar taken from Sora no daikaijû Radon (1956) (US title: "Rodan").
Actor Ove Sprogøe claimed he never participated in the movie, saying he was sick the week it took to shoot it.
The film takes place in September 2001.
It was noted that certain plot elements bore a striking similarity to plot elements from Polish writer Stanislaw Lem's (then) recent 1961 novel "Solaris." That novel would later be the basis of authorized films including a TV-Movie in 1968, a classic version by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972 (both from the Soviet Union) and an American production in 2002.
There is a scene when they try to kill the giant brain where it appears that a slab of Tripe with an eye was used to simulate the creature.