Journey Through the Black Sun 1976

Earth's Moon has been ripped from its orbit by a massive nuclear explosion and cast adrift in unknown space. The more than 300 surviving personnel of Moonbase Alpha find that the drifting Moon on which they are situated has become locked on a collision course with the giant planet Astheria and then is pulled into the center of a black hole in space. The intervention of a higher power saves the Alphans from destruction in both instances.

The Cast

Martin Landau-Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain-Dr. Helena Russell
Barry Morse-Professor Victor Bergman
Clifton Jones-David Kano
Zienia Merton-Sandra Benes
Nick Tate-Alan Carter
Prentis Hancock-Paul Morrow
Paul Jones-Mike Ryan

The Director: Ray Austin
The Writers: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, Anthony Terpiloff, David Weir
Music by: Barry Gray
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

This TV movie was edited from scenes of the two episodes "Collision Course" and "The Black Sun" of the TV series Space: 1999 (1975).