It! The Terror From Beyond Space 1958

The first manned expedition to Mars is decimated by an unknown life form which stows away on the rescue ship.

The Cast

Marshall Thompson-Col. Edward Carruthers
Shirley Patterson-Ann Anderson
Kim Spalding-Col. Van Heusen
Ann Doran-Mary Royce
Dabbs Greer-Eric Royce
Paul Langton-Lt. James Calder
Robert Bice-Maj. John Purdue
Richard Benedict-Bob Finelli

The Director: Edward L. Cahn
The Writers: Jerome Bixby
Music by: Paul Sawtell ,Bert Shefter
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

This movie was highly influential for the idea of the "Alien" set of films with Sigourney Weaver.
According to director John Carpenter, filming took only six days. Carpenter didn't direct this film but he was acting as a co-host in an interview with Robert Osborne prior to it being shown on the Turner Classic Movies channel.
The mask of the monster suit was altered considerably. When Ray Corrigan was fitted for the monster suit, the mask was initially too tight. Paul Blaisdell, the maker of the monster suit, had to remove and rebuild the monster's lower jaw so the mask would fit better. Unfortunately, Corrigan's chin stuck out through the opening made in the mask. Blaisdell made up Corrigan's chin to look like the monster's tongue. The mask's original eyes (large and catlike, a Blaisdell trademark) were also removed so that we see Corrigan's own eyes behind the mask.
On its initial release, the standard co-feature with this film was Curse of the Faceless Man (1958).
The final battle between the monster and crew is being shown at the drive-in during the Bryan Adams' video "Summer of '69".
For the main title score, Bert Shefter and Paul Sawtell simply recycled their main title score from "Kronos" (1957) and simply changed the opening bars.
Dabbs Greer was usually cast in westerns and was cast against type in this movie.
Marshall Thompson expected a big film career in the 1950s, but had to wait until the mid 60s tv series Daktari before he achieved his fame.
The film takes place in 1973.
When Van Heusen shows Caruthers the skull, it has a bullet hole that is not consistant with a shot from outside of the skull, it appears that the shot originated from inside the skull.
Italian censorship visa # 29288 delivered on 20-5-1959.
All the crew members are wearing British Empire army issue web belts from previous World Wars, which is acceptable as a wardrobe addition. However they are wearing them upside down which is obvious from the two buckles at the back. These were used to secure shoulder straps which crossed over after passing over the shoulders. At the time the movie was made there would have been ample supplies of this type of equipment in retail military stores.